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Abel, John Jacob (1857-1938)

Abel, John Jacob (1857-1938)
An eminent biochemist from Cleveland, Ohio who graduated from the University of Michigan and studied under the foremost scientists in Austria and Germany, before he returned to America in 1891 to become the professor of the therapeutics at the University of Michigan.

After a brief period in this post, he was called to Johns Hopkins University as the first professor of pharmacology at the age of 36.

His contributions include the construction of the first membrane for artificial kidneys (1913), the extraction of epinephrine (1899) and the identification of posterior pituitary hormone and hirudin (1910).

He isolated specific amino acids from the blood and determined the molecular weight of cholesterol.

He was the first to obtain a crystalline from of insulin in 1926.
Abel, John Jacob (1857-1938)

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