Friday, October 2, 2020

Heinrich Jacob Goldschmidt: Professor of Chemistry In Oslo

Heinrich Jacob Goldschmidt was born in Prague, Austria-Hungary on 12 April 1857. He died in Oslo on 20 September 1937.

He received his PhD in chemistry from Charles University in Prague in 1881. Heinrich Goldschmidt was a distinguished expert in physical chemistry and later became professor in Amsterdam and Heidelberg.

Heinrich Goldschmidt had succeeded Professor Peter Waage in 1901 as Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oslo and worked there until his retirement in 1929 at the age of 72.

Victor Moritz Goldschmidt (born on 27 January 1888 in Oslo) was the only son Heinrich Jacob Goldschmidt, who held professorships at Amsterdam, Heidelberg, and Oslo.
Heinrich Jacob Goldschmidt: Professor of Chemistry in Oslo

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