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Abu al-Fath Abd al-Rahman Mansour al-Khāzini (1115-1130) or simply Abu Al-Fath Al-Khāzini was a Muslim of Greek origin who was brought to Merv as a slave by the Seljuk king after his victory over the Byzantine Emperor.

He was the pupil of Umar Khayyam. His master is responsible for his education in mathematics and philosophy.

Al-Khāzini was a great physicist, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher and alchemist. He is better known for his contribution to physics. He is one of the few Islamic astronomers to be known for doing original observation.
His treatise: Al-Khāzini’s Kitab mizan al-hikma written in four volumes, remained an important part of physics among the Muslim scientists. It is a treatise on the physical principles that underline the hydrostatic balance as well as the construction and use o the instrument.

As an astronomer his main work is his Al-Zij al-Sanjari, an astronomical handbook with tables, compile between ca. 1118 – ca 1131 and dedicated to the Seljuk Sultan Sanjar ibn Malikshah.
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